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Are prams safe to sleep in?

Are prams safe to sleep in?

Are prams safe to sleep in?

Prams are not designed for overnight sleep, but it is generally considered safe to let your baby sleep in a pram for a short nap during the day, as long as you are nearby to supervise them.


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Here are some tips for safely letting your baby sleep in a pram:

✅ Make sure the pram is parked on a level surface.

 Recline the seat to a fully flat position, if possible.

Remove any loose bedding or toys from the pram.

Strap your baby in securely.

Stay nearby and supervise your baby while they are sleeping.

It is important to note that there is still a small risk of suffocation, even if you are supervising your baby. This is because prams can trap heat and have soft materials and bedding. If you are concerned about the risk of suffocation, you can move your baby to a safe sleep space, such as a cot, Moses basket, or bassinet, as soon as they fall asleep.

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Here are some additional safety tips for using a pram:

❌ Never leave your baby unattended in a pram.

Be careful not to overload the pram, as this can make it unstable.

Avoid using the pram on uneven surfaces, as this could cause it to tip over.

🌴 Be aware of your surroundings when using the pram, and avoid walking near busy roads or other hazards.

🛌 If you are concerned about your baby's safety, it is always best to move them to a safe sleep space as soon as possible.

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