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Gogglebox Star Scarlett Moffatt Share's Her Nursery on Instagram

Gogglebox Star Scarlett Moffatt Share's Her Nursery on Instagram

Gogglebox Star Scarlett Moffatt Share's Her Nursery on Instagram

A Peek Inside Scarlett Moffatt's Enchanting Nursery for Baby Jude

When it comes to nursery inspiration, nothing quite captures our hearts like the cosy and magical space created for a celebrity baby. Scarlett Moffatt, the former Gogglebox star, recently welcomed her baby boy Jude Xavier, and fans were delighted when she shared a glimpse of his gorgeous nursery on her Instagram page. The room was thoughtfully designed with a theme inspired by a beloved children's book, creating a whimsical atmosphere for little Jude to grow and thrive. In this blog post, we'll take you on a virtual tour of the enchanting nursery and explore the stunning furniture pieces and decorations that made it truly special.

The Inspiration: Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the Places You'll Go":

Every nursery needs a captivating theme, and Scarlett Moffatt chose one of the most cherished children's books of all time: "Oh, the Places You'll Go" by Dr. Seuss. This classic tale is filled with adventure, optimism, and life lessons, making it the perfect source of inspiration for a nursery where dreams can take flight. With a blend of whimsy and wonder, the theme set the stage for a truly magical space.

The Furniture: Obaby Stamford Luxe Range:

To bring the nursery to life, Scarlett chose the exquisite Obaby Luxe Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cot BedWardrobe, and Changing Unit. The Stamford Luxe Sleigh Cot Bed, with its elegant sleigh design, not only provides a safe and comfortable place for baby Jude to sleep but also transforms into a toddler bed as he grows, ensuring long-lasting use. The spacious Wardrobe and Changing Unit from the same Luxe range offer ample storage and practicality while maintaining a luxurious aesthetic.

The Cozy Corner: Obaby Madison Nursing Chair:

Every nursery needs a cosy spot for bonding and feeding, and Scarlett Moffatt's nursery for baby Jude is no exception. The Obaby Madison Nursing Chair, known for its comfort and style, creates the perfect retreat for moments of cuddles and closeness between Scarlett and her little one. The gentle gliding motion of the chair soothes baby Jude, making it a cherished addition to the nursery.

The Enchanting Bookcase: Inspired by Obaby Maya Style:

In addition to the luxurious furniture, Scarlett incorporated an enchanting bookcase into the nursery to hold her baby's growing collection of stories. Though not confirmed, fans have drawn similarities between the bookcase Scarlett used and the Obaby Maya Style, known for its delicate curves and timeless charm. This addition enhances the Dr. Seuss-inspired theme, making it easy for Scarlett and Jude to embark on countless imaginary adventures through books.

Fan Reactions: Love at First Sight:

Scarlett's fans were quick to express their adoration for baby Jude's nursery. Social media was flooded with heart-warming comments, with many falling in love with the room's enchanting ambiance. The joyous reactions showcased how a beautifully designed nursery can resonate with people and evoke feelings of nostalgia and happiness.

Welcoming Jude Xavier: A Special Moment:

In the emotional Instagram post, Scarlett introduced her little bundle of joy, Jude Xavier Dobinson. Her touching words revealed the overwhelming love and excitement she felt upon meeting him. The early arrival of baby Jude at just 35 weeks added to the heartfelt emotions, making the nursery even more significant as the space where precious memories will be made.

A Fairy Tale Beginning for Baby Jude:

Scarlett Moffatt's nursery for baby Jude is a testament to the love and care parents put into creating a perfect haven for their little ones. The enchanting theme inspired by Dr. Seuss's timeless book, combined with the elegant furniture from the Obaby Stamford Luxe Range and the cosy Obaby Madison Nursing Chair, created a space where dreams and adventures await. The thoughtfully added bookcase, reminiscent of the Obaby Maya Style, adds a touch of elegance and whimsy to the room. With Scarlett's dedication to creating a magical environment for her son, baby Jude Xavier is undoubtedly off to a fairy tale beginning as he embarks on his journey through life.

Disclaimer: Please note that the information in this blog post is based on the news article by OK! magazine featuring Scarlett Moffatt's nursery for baby Jude. The products and decorations mentioned in the post are sourced from Scarlett's own accounts on social media. My First Nursery, the nursery furniture company, is not affiliated with Scarlett Moffatt or any of the mentioned brands. However, we do admire the beautiful nursery created for baby Jude and hope it inspires you to create a magical space for your little one too.


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