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Spring Themed Nursery Inspiration for Spring Babies

Spring Themed Nursery Inspiration for Spring Babies

Spring Themed Nursery Inspiration for Spring Babies

Congratulations on your upcoming spring arrival! As you prepare for your little one's arrival, creating a nursery is a special project filled with excitement. Spring is a season of renewal and fresh beginnings, the perfect theme for a nursery that welcomes your new baby. Here at My First Nursery, we've got some delightful design suggestions to transform your space into a calming and playful spring haven.

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Blooming with Colour:

Spring is a burst of colour, but for a nursery, a softer touch is ideal. Opt for a palette of pastel shades that are both calming and cheerful. Think pale yellows that mimic daffodils, soft pinks like cherry blossoms, or calming lavenders reminiscent of spring flower fields. You can add pops of brighter colours like a gentle mint green or a soft peach for a touch of whimsy.

Serene Spring Décor:

Wall Art: Decorate the walls with nature-inspired artwork. Choose framed prints featuring baby animals like fluffy bunnies or playful chicks. Look for prints with calming watercolour styles or soft, textured fabrics.

Mobiles & Crib Bling: Hang a mobile above the crib, featuring spring elements like colourful butterflies, soft pom-poms in pastel hues, or gentle raindrops. Consider a crib sheet or a crib bumper with a springtime floral motif.

Light & Playful Touches: Accentuate the room with spring-themed throw pillows or a soft rug with playful polka dots that mimic ladybug spots.

Safety First:

Remember, safety is paramount in a nursery. Ensure all décor is age-appropriate and securely fastened. Opt for soft, plush toys over hard plastic ones, and choose mobiles with securely attached elements.

Chlorophytum comosum, Spider Plant – Happy Houseplants

Bringing the Outdoors In:

Spring is all about new life and nature's beauty. Bring the outdoors in with safe, baby-friendly plants like spider plants or a small pot of flowering violets. You can use hanging planters to keep them out of baby's reach.

A Touch of DIY: String paper butterflies made from colourful construction paper across a window, or create a mobile using colourful ribbons and felt ladybugs. There is a great DIY post on how to create one on Alison Gresik's creativity blog you can read more about it here.

The Finishing Touches:

Don't forget the little details! Opt for a lamp with a soft yellow glow to mimic the spring sunshine. Choose storage baskets in woven materials for a natural touch.

Remember: This is your nursery, so personalize it! Add a framed family photo or a handmade baby blanket with a spring-themed pattern.

With a little planning and these spring-inspired ideas, you can create a nursery that's both playful and calming, the perfect haven to welcome your little one this spring. Happy decorating!

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