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What's the difference between a toddler bed and a single bed?

What's the difference between a toddler bed and a single bed?

What's the difference between a toddler bed and a single bed?

Congratulations, parents! Your little one is blossoming, and it's time to bid farewell to the baby cot and embrace the world of bigger beds. But wait, are you caught in the toddler bed vs. single bed conundrum? Fret not, we've got you covered. Just like your child's growth, we're here to help you navigate through this transition with a sprinkle of humour and a dash of insight.

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The Lowdown on Dimensions

Let's start with the basics. Toddler beds are like the "half-caf, skinny, vanilla latte" of the bed world – smaller and perfectly suited for your pint-sized bundle of joy. Measuring around 140cm x 70cm, these beds are cosy cocoons for your toddler. On the other side of the pillow, we have the single beds, boasting dimensions of approximately 190cm x 90cm. It's like upgrading from a single scoop ice cream cone to a triple scoop extravaganza – more space, more fun!

Toddler Beds: Little Nests of Comfort

Ah, toddler beds – the gentle nest where your fledgling can rest. These beds are specially designed with your little one's safety and comfort in mind. Lower to the ground, they make midnight escapades to the bathroom a breeze. Plus, they reduce the "Oops, I rolled out of bed!" moments, ensuring your little acrobat stays safe and sound.


✅ Easy Peasy Access: Low to the ground means less gravity-defying leaps and bounds.

✅ Familiarity: If your cot mattress fits, you've hit the jackpot. Familiar bedding equals a smoother transition.


🤔 Growth Spurt Woes: They might outgrow it faster than they outgrow their love for bedtime stories.

🤔 Less Lounge Space: Single beds win in the sprawl department, leaving less room for activities in a smaller room.

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Single Beds: Grown-Up Goals

Oh, the allure of a single bed – it's like a magic portal to the future. Sure, your little one might grow out of it quicker than you can say "bedtime," but it's an investment in their future comfort. Picture your teenager lounging in their room, engrossed in their latest fantasy novel or scrolling through social media. A single bed will see them through these changing times and maybe even a sleepover or two.


✅ Longevity: They're like the bed version of a chameleon, adapting to your child's ever-changing needs and size.

✅ Snuggle Time: Ever tried squeezing into a toddler bed? Yeah, not fun. With a single bed, cuddle sessions are back on the menu.


🤔 The "In-Between": Your child might become attached to the cot bed, making the transition to a single bed a second dramatic saga.

🤔 Size Matters: They might feel a tad lost in a big bed initially, like a starfish in the ocean.

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A Touch of Nursery Glamour

Now, let's talk style. My First Nursery have a line-up that could make even the Sandman himself envious:

Obaby Maya Toddler Bed: Wallet-friendly and available in single bed size too – versatility meets affordability. Also available in single bed size.

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Obaby Lumi Velvet Toddler Bed: A touch of luxury for your little royal's realm, starting from £290. Also available in single bed size.

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Obaby Gatsby Velvet Toddler Bed: Want to add a theatrical touch to your kiddo's room? This bed is your backstage pass.

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For those who believe in making bedtime magical:

Bambizi Tented House Single Bed: Crafted from mahogany and offering storage galore – a bed that's both robust and fun.

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Bambizi Enchanted House Single Bed: Velvet-quilted back and storage fit for a young monarch – a fairy-tale come to life.

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Bambizi Magical Castle Single Bunk Bed: This one's the crown jewel – a castle-themed bunk bed with integrated wardrobes, drawers, and a slide!

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The Final Curtain Call

Choosing between a toddler bed and a single bed is like picking between two delicious desserts – there's no wrong answer. Consider your space, your child's temperament, and, of course, their unique taste in bedtime aesthetics. Whether it's the snug embrace of a toddler bed or the sprawling luxury of a single bed, remember that this transition is a milestone worth celebrating.

So, dear parents, let the bedtime adventure continue as you venture into the world of bigger beds. Who knows, maybe you'll be sharing ghost stories under a fort of pillows sooner than you think! Happy snoozing!

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