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When is your child ready for a toddler bed?

When is your child ready for a toddler bed?

When is your child ready for a toddler bed?

Congratulations! Your little one is growing up, and it's time for them to transition from their cot to a toddler bed. This exciting milestone marks a new chapter in your child's development and independence. However, it also brings about some challenges and uncertainties for parents. How do you know when your child is ready for a toddler bed? What type of bed should you choose? How can you make the transition smoother for everyone involved? Don't worry; we're here to guide you through this journey.

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Signs Your Child Is Ready for a Toddler Bed

The first step in transitioning to a toddler bed is recognizing when your child is ready. Look out for these signs:

📏 Height and Activity Level: Typically, children transition to a toddler bed when they are between 18 and 24 months old or around 90cm tall. If your child is getting too active for the confines of their cot or can climb out on their own, it might be time for a toddler bed.

🏃🏽‍♂️ Climbing Out of the Cot: If your little explorer has mastered the art of escaping from their cot, it's a clear sign that they're ready for a bigger bed. Safety is paramount, and a toddler bed provides a safer sleeping environment for adventurous toddlers.

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Making the Transition Easier

Transitioning to a toddler bed doesn't have to be daunting. Here are some tips to make the process smoother:

Use Familiar Elements: Make the new bed feel familiar by using their favourite bedding or placing their cot mattress on the floor temporarily. This helps ease the transition by maintaining a sense of comfort and familiarity.

Choose the Right Bed: Whether you opt for a convertible cot bed or a standalone toddler bed, choose a sturdy option with guard rails to prevent falls. Let your child be involved in selecting their bed to make the transition more exciting for them.

Create a Cosy Environment: Night-lights, soft toys, and a comforting bedtime routine can make the new sleeping environment inviting for your child. Establishing a consistent bedtime routine helps them feel secure and ready for sleep.

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Keeping Your Toddler in Bed

Once your child is in their new bed, keeping them there can be a challenge. Here are some strategies to encourage them to stay put:

Set Clear Expectations: Explain to your child that their bed is for sleeping, and they should stay in it until morning. Reinforce this by consistently returning them to bed if they wander off during the night.

Use Comfort Objects: Encourage your child to snuggle with their favourite soft toy, providing comfort and reassurance throughout the night.

Be Consistent: Consistency is key in establishing bedtime rules. Respond to night-time awakenings calmly and firmly, guiding your child back to bed without too much fuss.

Safety First

Ensuring your child's safety is paramount during this transition. Childproof their bedroom by securing furniture, covering sockets, and removing any potential hazards. With a safe and cosy environment, both you and your child can rest easy.


Transitioning to a toddler bed is a significant milestone for both children and parents. By recognizing the signs of readiness, choosing the right bed, and implementing strategies to promote sleep, you can make this transition a smooth and positive experience for your family. Remember, every child is unique, so be patient and flexible as you navigate this new stage together. Happy sleeping!

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